Exmoor Parish Council

Report from informal meeting held on Thursday 24th September 2020

The Exmoor Parish Council meeting was cancelled on Thursday 24th September as it was being held in the Old School, Simonsbath and the councillors wanted to keep within the Rule of Six guidelines. The councillors and clerk met for an informal meeting whilst keeping to CV19 gov guidelines.

The issue of increased traffic in the village due to CV19 and the dangerous parking on the bend between Pound Cottage and South Molton was raised again. There has been a problem here for many years with vehicles parking on the bend and it has been minuted many times. The parking causes traffic to partially drive on to the oncoming side, at a point when visibility is restricted due to the curve in the road. The Parish Council are sure that all agree that this is dangerous for not only vehicles but also for horse riders, cyclists and pedestrians.

The parish council have been in conversation with the National Park and Somerset County Council for many years about this problem area but now with increased visitors to the parish due to CV19, they have decided that something has to be done. The parish council are looking in to creating a barrier at this specific point to deter vehicles parking there.

This has been passed using the Business Continuity Motion that was put in place at the start of CV19 to ensure business could continue if official meetings were unable to take place. The parish council are unable to do their meetings via internet as not all have sufficient internet coverage.

Please do contact the parish council with any comments you may have, via email: [email protected]